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8625 Schumacher Lane, Houston TX 77063
Phone: (713) 278-7825
Phone2: (713) 409-9631
Fax: (713) 484-8444

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(713) 27-TRUCK Based in Texas , Texas eTrucks, LLC is located at 8625 Schumacher Lane, Houston, TX 77063 and is your premier retailer of used cars and trucks. Customer satisfaction is the 'Heart and Soul' of Texas eTrucks success and we are proud to have a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay.  

We work hard to buy the nicest hand-picked used trucks available and look at 100’s of vehicles a week. We focus on the highest quality used trucks online, but we can find you a good Honda Civic or a Sl-Class Mercedes. Our car buying process is a very thorough one and we look at each vehicle from front to back, top to bottom, and we’ve even been known to taste the oil. Our strict buying practices and low overhead, makes sure that we get each vehicle at a great price and pass that savings on to you.  This keeps us highly competitive in the online and local markets and keeps money in your pocket. We welcome and ecourage prepurchase inspections and offer a free panel to panel walk-a-round, just give us a call!

Texas eTrucks is family owned and operated and we are truly an exclusive used truck dealership in Houston, Texas.  Our commitment to our customers is paramount and our core values are simple:

  • The long-term success of our Dealership is not reflected through sales, but through the relationships we build with our customers.


  • The work performance of each employee directly translates into what the customer perceives about the dealership.


  • Customer service is not just smiling when you greet the customer, it's about having integrity in that smile and backing it up with service which genuinely makes the customer want to come back.

Every customer will be like a guest in our home.

We look forward to welcoming you.